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Patrícia/ 16/ hungarian

The vampire diaries/once upon a time/colin o'donoghue/jennifer lawrence/emma watson/harry potter/game of thrones/the borgias/glee/hunger games/teen wolf/white collar/and others

"believe that a pirate can be a hero"

elena’s reaction to bonnie’s death - 2.18/5.04


Elena throughout the seasons - requested by ekoorblebeig 

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Elena Gilbert + outfits

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young Killian Jones in 3x05 ‘Good Form’

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Matt Bomer | ‘White Collar’ Season one.

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I literally thought that it was a hallucination you know, there Damon was sprawled on the floor like dry chicken and she didn’t glance at him ONCE. There was no “are you ok?”, no “what happened? She just ran past him and took Stefan’s face into her arms and caressed his cheeks and begged for him to be okay. That kind of love never dies. [x]

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Now he’s going to do something to destroy me and this entire family. Losing our fortune proved insufficient.
Now he’s going to die and leave me with the shame of his sins. God have mercy on my soul.

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"I wanted to offer you a keepsake."

"I don’t need anything."

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